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Wide angle view of inside the theatre looking towards the stage.

Tickets for the 2021 Season will temporarily go off-sale Monday, May 17 and Tuesday, May 18.

Friday, May 14 marks the start of the bridge phase for the reopening of Illinois, and ISF has been given approval to now sell tickets based on 60% capacity! 

Thank you to all of our patrons who have already purchased tickets for the 2021 Season. We will reach out to patrons who have already purchased tickets and work with anyone who would like to adjust their selections—including moving members of your party who may have been seated in separate pods closer together.

Please note that we will continue to maintain one empty seat between separate parties. 

Ticket sales will open back up for new purchases on Wednesday, May 19 at noon.

  • This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

  • A proud recipient of the Harmon Arts Grant.

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